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Welcome to our website and happy to see you here. We will be more than pleased to help you for your scrap car removal needs. We pay cash for cars in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We always provide free tow when you sell your scrap car to us. One of our drivers will remove your junk car in a very professional way and dispose of it according to environmentally friendly requirements. We ask for very minimal paperwork and are only allowed by the law to buy your scrap car. Etobicoke is our neighbourhood and we are very happy to serve our area for scrap car removal. Why do you want to keep an unwanted car on your driveway that is an eyesore for you and your neighbours and it is taking up parking space for nothing? We remove your unwanted car from your property and it gives you extra parking space that was occupied by a scrap car. We will turn your junk car into cash. Please do not get trapped in false and dishonest quotes about your scrap car over the phone. Never accept less than promised cash for your scrap car from the company. We can all stop this dishonest practice by sending back a tow truck driver who tries to pay less than the promised price. We work with dignity and pay cash for cars as we would have promised over the phone. We are your local scrap car removal company in Etobicoke, Toronto and the GTA. GET CASH FOR YOUR SCRAP CAR TODAY!! by calling at 647-800-2495

Cars Disposal in Etobicoke will give you a quote for your scrap car depending on the condition of your car. We will pay you in cash if you accept the offer and remove your scrap car. We make it the easiest way of getting rid of your junk car and making cash for your car. Contacting Cars Disposal in Etobicoke, Toronto has the advantage of allowing you to sell your junk car right away. We will give you an instant quote for your junk car by answering a few simple questions. (1) Vehicle Make (2) Model (3) Year and your location. These are the only three questions we need to ask and give you a firm cash offer for scrap cars.

We will buy your junk car even if it is beyond repair and a fully broken car. Every junk car has cash value for us. We can deliver an accurate junk car quote in no time because we have a team of well-trained scrap car buyer professionals. If you still have a broken down car parked on your property, then there are higher chances that you do not know what to do with your junk car and you are unsure how to deal with a scrap car. Some companies provide you with free junk car removal and some companies offer you little cash for scrap cars. We offer both; cash for cars and free junk car removal. If you are looking for moving services, then topmove is the best website/company to find solutions for all of your moving needs in Canada.

Please help us to stop dishonest scrap car buyers. If any scrap car company tries to pay you less than their promised price, please send their driver back. No one should try to make anyone unwise, as many of these companies try to do. Scrap car buyer companies should be honest, transparent and respect their customers by giving them an honest firm quote.

Our Services

Junk Car Removal

We pay cash for junk cars on the spot. We always provide free tow for your junk car. Do you want to get rid of your junk car today? We are here to assist you regarding removing your junk car without any hassle. Junk cars are better in junkyards than sitting in your driveway for such a long time. Junkyards will process your junk car so it can be recycled. Recycling your car is better for the environment.

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Cash For Cars

We always pay top dollars for old cars. Best cash for cars paid company in the town. Most of us are in need of cash, especially after the COVID-19 Pandemic. We recognize the pandemic impact on income and offer the highest possible cash for your scrap car. We always give you a firm offer and pay you what we promise over the phone.

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Scrap My Car In Toronto

Our company is well equipped to remove your scrap car. We have all kinds of tow trucks to meet all your scrap car removal needs. Car removal without or with wheels. Our tow truck drivers are always available in downtown Toronto to provide you with scrap car removal service.

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Get Rid Of A Car

If you are tired of keeping fixing your old car and you want to get rid of your car. We are here to help you. We give you the best value for your car and let you get rid of it. You will see how easy it is to get rid of your unwanted car while making money on it after talking to us.

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Dump My Car

Are you worried about dumping your car but don't know how to do it? Leave the worries behind, just make a phone call to our company and we will take care of the rest. We will dump your car in an environmentally friendly setup.


Scrap Car Buyers

We buy scrap cars and, YES, we also buy big commercial trucks. We buy your scrap trucks, cars and remove it from your property at our expense. We have heavy duty tow trucks available to tow big-sized trucks. You will get the best cash value for your truck and car. We will provide a complimentary scrap truck removal service.

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Cash For Cars In These Locations

We provide scrap car removal service in the following locations

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and one of the most populated cities in Canada. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and ranked fourth in the whole of North America. It has an approximately 2,794,356 population in 2021.



Etobicoke is a former city and presently administrative district situated at the western part of Toronto, Ontario. The first migrant settlers in Etobicoke were from Europe in the 1970s. Etobicoke has an approximately population of 365,143 residents. Pizza Pizza and Sunwing has their headquarters in Etobicoke.

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North York
North York

North York is located north of Toronto between Etobicoke and Scarborough. As of the 2011 Census, it had a 655,913 populations. In 1922, it was created as a township and it was declared a borough in 1967. 12 years later, it became a city attracting many new residences. North York has two major shopping malls named Fairview and Yorkdale.

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Surrounding Areas
Surrounding Areas

We remove scrap cars from Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Scarborough Alliston, and surrounding areas. Please give us a call to inquire about a scrap car removal service in your area.

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